We are Britny


The strategic agency that puts digital first.

What we do

Through Experience Based Strategy design, we help some of the world’s most important companies establish and fortify new ideas, growth and business excellence.

How we do it

Britny has developed several workshop methods, customized for executive management and decision makers. Our processes are extensive and thorough, with proven business value.


Currently at Britny

Why choose experience-based strategy? 



Experience-based strategy emerges from a workshop format, which is full of methods that illuminates every aspect of the strategic work. A well-grounded facilitator guides the participants through the exercises, picks up on ideas and helps challenge and shape solutions…


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VR making it’s way to become mainstream



Around the world, smart innovators are thinking about how the future of business might look, and VR is just one of the factors they have to take into account. Are future business meetings held via VR? Or will potential clients want to have a virtual look’n’feel before they even think about making a purchase?


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