Britny Tech Lab


Discover Britny Tech Lab with your colleagues!


Haven’t booked anything for the upcoming AW with the colleagues? Well, keep cool because we have some good news! Britny Tech Lab is the perfect activity for you and your colleagues, where you get to discover the latest tech innovations.


At Britny Tech Lab you get to step into a whole new world – or, if you prefer, a whole new reality. Have your colleagues tried VR? They haven’t? Then it’s definitely time! The purpose of Britny Tech Lab is to provide inspiration on how technologies can shape the future of your work place and enhance your day-to-day life. But most importantly, the goal is to have fun together!



A tech safari at Britny takes around 1-2 hours. There is room for around 10-25 people and you get to take turns trying out different “stations”. We’ll help you and give instructions on how to do it. Do you want something to drink (with or without alcohol) and some snacks, we’ll get it for you!


The following is available at Britny Tech Lab:

  • VR
  • Google Home
  • Leap Motions
  • Cozmo Robot
  • 3D-printer
  • Eye tracking
  • AR



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