Creating personalised videos from Linked-In profiles

ResuME, an online service for Adecco

  • Turn your resume into a movie
  • Client Adecco
  • What

    Digital service

  • When


  • Where

    Global project

  • We did

    Strategy, concept, sound identity, music production, design, front end and back end development

Facilitate, ideate and create

The Adecco Group is the world’s leading provider of HR solutions. With over 31 000 employees in over 60 countries they offer a wide variety of services, connecting more than 650 000 associates with over 100 000 clients every day.

Having seen what Britny had done for Ledarna, Adecco visited the Britny office for a week of facilitated workshops. The purpose was to further develop Ledarna’s concept and to investigate other potential digital services. In the end, Adecco and Britny agreed with Ledarna to develope the original concept and turned it into a new one: Resu-Me. Britny Digital and Sound co-produced it made it go viral.

Turn your resume into a movie

The Task

  • To host and facilitate a series of workshops to help Adecco with new ideas for digital innovation
  • To build on the concept from Ledarna and to find a deal between the two partners
  • To take the best ideas and create concrete concepts
  • To decide on a concept and define the final project
  • To design, create a prototype and to implement the end result
  • The project involved all parts of digital production, including sound identity

The Methodology

  • Pre-study and research about the preferred technology and different APIs for the solution
  • Funcional prototype with actual movies from the APIs of LinkedIn
  • The concept: Resu-Me Sound design using Acapella to create trust and energy. All sound is adopted to the individual film.
  • Logotype and visual identity for the product and design on the actual interface
  • Art direction of filmed material
  • Release of the service

The Solution

Resu-Me is an online service that transforms the users LinkedIn profile into a video about their career. All the users have to do is connect with their LinkedIn account. Then, each and every user gets their own, personalised film to spread in their network or, even, attach in a job application.The video can then be easily edited and shared. It brings life into what might look like an ordinary CV.

Turn your resume into a movie
Turn your resume into a movie