Film Breakfast Seminar

Join us at a creative breakfast seminar with workshops, exciting discussions and delicious breakfast!

  • Join our Film Breakfast Seminar! January 19th
  • Client All of you!
  • What

    Britny Breakfast Session

  • When

    19th January, 2018

  • Where

    Hälsingegatan 49, Stockholm

The ad is dead and the age of engaging stories is here to stay!

That also means that movies are becoming increasingly important, both to reach and stay relevant in the digital noise.


But what is required to catch your audience’s attention? What is a persuasive story? And how do you connect their daily lives and experiences to your brand or your product?

We go through our own cases and show other examples that hit big. We base this session on your needs, we want you to leave with new concepts and strategies to apply to your journey – between moving frames and touched hearts.


Where: Britny, Hälsingegatan 49, Stockholm.
When: 19/1 starting 08.30-9.30 (breakfast is served from 08:00)