Engaging new financial donators to contribute to cancer rehab treatment

A sound concept project for DET Stockholm

  • Cancer Rehab Fonden
  • Client DET Stockholm
  • What


  • When


  • Where


  • We did

    Sound concept, recordings on site, sound design/post production and music atmospheres

  • Results

    A brand measurement survey by the Brand Clinic shows that 90% say it´s credible and 60% say it increased the viewers´ interest. The commercial helped up the total collected funds far beyond expectations. It was also highlighted in the morning news show in TV4

Amplify the story of the film

The NGO Cancer Rehab Fund (Cancerrehabfonen) collects funds to enable rehab for cancer victims. They aimed at spreading awareness to increase donations and engaged communications agency DET to help reaching its stakeholders. One part was a TV commercial. This is where Britny Sound enters. Sound was to amplify the storyline of the film: that thoughts on cancer stay with victims and loved ones long after it´s been conquered.

Sound concept and on site recordings

Britny Sound created the sound concept and performed recordings on site, created sound design/post production and music atmospheres. To emphasize the solemn feeling a great deal of work went into creating a dynamic soundscape that incorporates both sound and an effective silence as building blocks. We also used closeness and distance of sound as markers of the main character´s thoughts.

The commercial was also highlighted in the morning news show in TV4.