Encouraging women to work in the construction industry

A campaign film for MentorBygg

  • Encouraging women to work in the construction industry
  • Client MentorBygg
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    Campaign film

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  • We did

    Manuscript, film production, and post production

How to attract women?

The construction industry is by tradition heavily dominated by men. Now, they need to attract more women, especially for leading positions. To recruit with gender balance is crucial for the future of the industry. But this also means changing the preconditions of construction, making it less macho and more open.

The client

MentorBygg is an initiate by Swedish construction companies (Sveriges Byggindustrier). The goal of the organisation is to increase the number of female leaders in the industry. They run special mentor programs for women that run over a year, aiming to strengthen the participant’s knowledge and personal capacities for a future as leaders.

The film and the tears

Britny Film made a short film that explains the possible future roles for women in the construction agency. The film showed children, both girls and boys, playing and creating small constructions in a kindergarten, showing how these games actually lay ground for the future. After it’s release, the film had a viral spread within the construction industrys’ various social networks. It evoked many positive reactions and even tears, since it shows a small girl who is ”actually powerful when talking to the boys”.