A long term digital partnership

4 years of being Vasakronan’s digital agency

  • Long term digital partner for Vasakronan
  • Client Vasakronan
  • What

    Digital partnership: from strategy to production.

  • When

    2011-2015 (ongoing)

  • Where


  • We did

    A few of the projects throughout the years: Official website (2011/2012), Smartphone app for tennants (2012), Kontorsbarometern campaign sites (2013 & 2014), Shopping mall platform (2012/2013), Intranet (2015) and more.

  • Results

    Website nominated for several awards. Smartphone app has +2500 users. Kontorsbarometern acknowledged in mass media. Intranet awarded as most innovative in Scandinavia.

It all started with a website…

Vasakronan is the leading property company in Sweden, comprising 192 properties with a total value of 86 billion SEK. After updating their visual identity in 2010, they also initiated a pre-study with Johan Ronnestam concerning their new website, ultimately wanting to make an educated decision and concept on what the new website should be. The final output was a pitch in 2011, with the ambition to find a digital agency that not only could realize their vision of a new website, but also become the long term digital partner that they were looking for.

Britny won the pitch, created the website, and has ever since been Vasakronan’s digital agency, carrying out about 15 different projects throughout the years. A few of them are featured below.

Long term digital partner for Vasakronan
Long term digital partner for Vasakronan challenges

  • Align the website and UX with the brand, both visually and through communication and content.
  • Connect the WordPress website with Vasakronan’s internal systems, for example their property and co-worker databases.
  • Create a system- and informational architecture that can help the website live on for several years, even in the quickly changing digital world.


  • Complete website re-design with focus on structure, UX and branding.
  • Has advanced connections to Vasakronan’s internal systems, but is built in WordPress to easify administrational work and future enhancements.
  • The site was launched in 2011/2012 and was nominated to both the Swedish Design Awards and the Swedish Publishing Awards the same year.
  • The site also received attention in Sweden’s biggest business news magazine Dagens Industri as Vasakronan at the time was the biggest organisation in northern Europe to switch from EpiServer to WordPress.
Long term digital partner for Vasakronan

A practical smart phone app for tennants

While working with the new Vasakronan website in 2011/2012, we came across a section of the web site that held tons of potential. It was called Hyresgästinfo, and was the database from which any of their tennants could access all the valuable practical information about their building: Where to park the bike, What services are available nearby, where the recycling center is, or who to call for more help.

It was clear that this was functionality that needed to move out of their website and into their tennants pockets. The result was a smartphone app (for both iOS and Android) and required no login. The application has +2500 active users and has received great feedback from both tenants and Vasakronan employees.

Long term digital partner for Vasakronan

“It was clear that this was functionality that needed to move out of their website and into their tennants pockets.”

Campaigns and content marketing

Kontorsbarometern is Vasakronan’s annual survey that investigates what the Swedish office workers think, like, dislike and want within their working environment.

For 2013 and 2014, Britny and Vasakronan decided to elevate Kontorsbarometern by transforming the results into interactive infographics, making it more inspiring and fun to consume, allowing filtering of the results, and allowing users to contribute with their own answers throughout the year, keeping it alive at all times.

The results of Kontorsbarometern was highlighted in mass media, including major Swedish newspapers such as Aftonbladet, Metro and Dagens Nyheter.

Long term digital partner for Vasakronan
Long term digital partner for Vasakronan
Long term digital partner for Vasakronan

“By transforming the content of Kontorsbarometern from blog posts to interactive infographics, we made it easier to consume, while at the same time prolonging the life span of the actual data.”

Long term digital partner for Vasakronan

An innovative intranet for an innovative organisation

As a pioneer and leader within their business, Vasakronan are also in the forefront of applying the newest and most modern ideas on themselves. Wether it’s working mobile, constructing activity based offices or even challenging organizational norms, they are eager to try, learn and adapt.

With this in mind, we never set out to do anything old school when creating their new intranet. Through a series of workshops we set focus on identifying and supporting the future demands and behaviours that their modern organisation is about to face, while at the same time making sure to be backward compatible.

The intranet was launched in 2015 and was awarded as the most innovative and new thinking intranet in Scandinavia 2015 at “Nordens Bästa Intranät” (Nordic Intranet Summit). Click here to see the full case presentation.

Long term digital partner for Vasakronan