Scandinavia's most innovative intranet 2015

An award winning intranet project for Vasakronan

  • Scandinavia’s most innovative intranet 2015
  • Client Vasakronan
  • What


  • When

    2014-2015. Still ongoing dev.

  • Where


  • We did

    Strategy, concept, IA, UX, design

  • Results

    Awarded as the most innovative and new thinking intranet in Scandinavia 2015 at "Nordens Bästa Intranät" (Nordic Intranet Summit). Top 3 best intranet in the same competition.

To build an intranet that reflects the organistion

Vasakronan is the leading property company in Sweden. They focus on Sweden’s major regions: Stockholm, Uppsala, Gothenburg, Malmö and Lund, and their portfolio comprises 186 properties with a total area of 2,500,000 sqm, valued at SEK 98 billion. With their passion for cutting edge working environments, internal tech and communication is extremely important to meet the demand of working mobile and modern.

Britny has been Vasakronan’s digital agency since 2011, and so in 2014 they invited us again with the initiative to help create their new intranet. The focus was to identify user behaviours and demands that both their organisation and their intranet will face in the future, as well as creating the concrete concept and solution.

The Task

  • Map, analyze and question the existing intranet and internal work flows.
  • How do we both support co-workers in their everyday work and elevate the entire organisation?
  • Identify an overall concept for the intranet: what’s it built like and how do you work within it?
  • Make it long term and adaptable for many different users.
  • Design the interface and user experience.
  • Quality assure the concept and design towards a Sharepoint partner.
  • Continuously participate and ideate for further enhancements.

The Methodolody

  • Thorough workshop series with participants from Vasakronan, Britny, Altran (Sharepoint dev.) and guests such as Johan Ronnestam.
  • An overall concept introducing an “operative system” approach, rather than a traditional intranet website. Essentially meaning that the solution becomes what the user makes it: allowing completely individual working methods, but always with the support of thoughtful tools, structure and functionality.
  • Information architecture, structure, UX and design of the concrete solution.
  • Frequent sprints of tight collaboration with the Sharepoint-developer Altran.
  • Continuous strategy and further development in tight collaboration with both Vasakronan and Altran.

“For a unique design that is characterised by innovation and new thinking, together with a easygoingness and simplicity that contributes to a whole new user experience. The intranet, in combination with a activity based way of working, demonstrates a holistic approach that weaves together the physical and the digital workplace, creating a total experience for the user.  A intranet that really stands out, awakens curiosity, builds the brand, and really is a step towards the digital working space is therefor awarded with an honorable mention for Innovation and New thinking.”

/Motivation from the jury at Nordens Bästa Intranät

Scandinavia’s most innovative intranet 2015
Scandinavia’s most innovative intranet 2015
Scandinavia’s most innovative intranet 2015