Britny Film

From motion pictures to documentaries, Britny Film delivers on all levels.
We offer solutions for both large and small productions. In the end, our love for film will show.

Film as Communication

These days, film is integrating with company communication on all levels. Who does not prefer a nice and short documentary that goes straight to the point over a pile of paper? We produce company presentations, full scale TV-ads, internal films as well as motion pictures and TV-shows. When film is at its best, it talks directly to people. Therefore, we work together with the client for a deepened strategic view on our productions.

The Production Company

We know film. Our team has a solid background in film production of all sorts. We have producers, post production and directors inhouse. To meet the digital demand, we have incorporated online experts. Together with the tech team of Britny Digital we know how to create the perfect content and channels for streaming.