Britny Session | The Art of Speeding Up Innovation


During the latest Britny Session, we talked about methods for speeding up innovation. We learned that 81% of the guests thought it was very important or crucial for their survival to speed up innovation. Still, only 30% have a plan for how to face this situation.

Britny presented over 20 methods for innovation and asked the participants to chose which are most suitable for their organisations. These were the most popular ones:

Portfolio of Micro Projects

If the the task is to create the next “Billion Dollar Project” it will seem impossible. By micro projects you will instead plant seeds of what could fundamentally change your organisation.

Analytics Driven Innovation

Use and analyze data in order to decide where to innovate. Launch Minimal Viable Products and learn from gathered data.



Get new input through working at a co-working space, find new collaborations or work together with different departments in-house.


Learning Partnership

Add students’ insights to your existing expertise to get new inspiring perspectives and challenge your existing business models. This is also a great way to attract talent.


Speed Boat Teams

Large companies are like a tanker ships. There is a need for structure but changing course becomes difficult. By implementing smaller innovative projects running alongside the main organisation you will able to find new routes.


Innovation Layers

How can you challenge and add something new to your current process to increase the creative thinking and idea generation?


Arranging a hackathon is a rapid way to gather new ideas and get insight on new potential innovation from experts with an outside perspective.

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