For the UN Climate Conference in Bonn, The Swedish Ministry of the Environment and Energy wanted to highlight the new Swedish climate law of 2018 which aims to make Sweden carbon neutral by 2045. It is therefore the job of every future Swedish government – regardless of political agenda – to uphold and work proactively to achieve these goals as formulated in the law. Part of the project was also to communicate on a broader level, especially catching the attention of millennials, and to make them aware of just how important the climate is as a whole.     


The climate as a concept is an abstract one; presumably hard to tell if it is out of order and surely not something we are reminded of in our everyday lives. So what does it mean to have a politically binding law that will proactively work for a cleaner environment and a healthier climate? 

Creative Solution

New Neighbours is based on the assumption that everyone would care about the climate if the climate interfered with our lives and that’s exactly what happens in the video. When the family of Climate Change suddenly moves in next to door to our neighbours, everything changes. For the worse. The deeper message of the film is also that this might be everyone’s reality in a not too distant future. We cannot ignore it and we cannot allow ourselves to not act. That’s what our family does: they change their strategy and except their new reality and try to look at it proactively instead, asking themselves: what can we do to help?

The Result

The video has been watched just over a 100K times on Facebook and was showed by the Swedish Deputy Prime Minister Isabella Lövin at the Climate Conference in Bonn.