The Swedish Agency for Foreign Affairs wanted to create a strong visual message about one of the most important issues Sweden is highlighting during its time in the United Nations Security Council: conflict prevention. 



Conflicts can, in fact, be prevented if the world community acts before it’s too late. Our historic track record needs no new names on the list of wars, atrocities and massacres. The time has come to put conflict prevention at the top of the UN agenda. 


Creative Solution

Our film No New Names is based around the illusion of being in a typical war zone. We have seen them before and we know their ugly face. The further we get into the film the more we build up to a crescendo. But today, nothing special will happen. The specific location of the film is neither a place of death nor a place of pain but merely a construction site. Today is a just an ordinary day in the neighbourhood; something everyone deserves to take for granted in their everyday lives.     


The Result

The video has currently been watched over a million times, shown in the UN’s Security Council, and shared both by the Swedish foreign minister and the United Nations.