SKL – Vision for a smarter society


Mission: a digital transformation journey 

The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SKL) have a big role in supporting their members, the municipalities, to take a lead using digital in ways that improve internal operational excellence and increasing the quality of life of their citizens. Our society is growing more digital, by each day. But what does that mean for SKL, and how can we ensure that the power of digitalisation is utilized in order to bring value to municipalities and employees?


Starting point

First, they wanted to increase digital skills in the organization, get inspiration and initiate a strong innovation culture within SKL which embraces new technologies.



Through facilitating workshops with senior management, bringing inspiration to different teams they created a vision for 2025. The workshop helped SKL to identify technology that will have a great impact on their industry, digital services and tools that will help them to work more efficient and identify new role descriptions for their digital transformation journey. Together with the CEO and chairman we went on a national tour to introduce a new digital agenda to local municipal commissioners and leaders.