Swedish Institute Management Programme


To highlight the phenomenal Swedish business programme SIMP (Swedish Institute Management Programme), The Swedish Institute were looking for a visually appealing showcasing piece. The dual purpose of the video is both to attract new participants but also to raise a general awareness of its existence.     



After several workshops together with the Swedish Institute, Britny landed in the firm conclusion that best exposure would be rendered via strong video material. Our second and most important insight was that the video shouldn’t be too informative or too corporate, but rather personal and intimate.  


Creative Solution

With a concept grounded in these insights, we wanted to kill as many birds as possible with as few stones as possible. In a nutshell, the idea covers a short doc format meeting three people from three different stages of the programme and from three different places in the world. Together these different narratives presented an overall holistic picture of the rich plethora of diverseness, be it cultural and personal backgrounds as well as professional.


The Result

The SIMP video shot in Sweden, Indonesia and Ethiopia is currently available on the SIMP website and spread on the official Sweden Facebook account. It has also been used for internal communication and at workshops and presentations.