Turn Your CV Into a Film

Britny and the advertising agency Gyro were contacted by Ledarna to create a digital campaign in order to reach their primary target audience; middle management and to raise awareness about the different services that they provide.

Since this specific target group is quite widespread over many industries, the solution needed to be applicable to most of the different professions. We wanted to create a campaign that would put the user in focus and at the same time something that they would want to share with all their friends.

How does it work?
The video generator was built to collect data from several different channels:

Pictures: Collected from Flickr and Google
Video: Bought from different services and then edited at Britny to create effects similar to video from different time periods like Super 8 film and VHS
Voiceover: From Acapela’s text-to-speech service
Information: From LinkedIn (it is also an option to manually insert your data in the tool)


The campaign made it possible for its users to generate a movie about their career with a LinkedIn Connection. It was groundbreaking in many aspects as it had a unique mix of very high level solutions, both creative and technical.
“The fact that the creative team from Gyro sat down multiple times every week with our creative and technical team helped the project to move swiftly. I don’t think any of the teams from either agency ever felt they had to doubt what needed to be done or second-guess what had been done”, says developer Bobby Pettersson.

The launch of the beta version was a success generating a lot of digital buz generating in more than 20 000 cv-movies being produced and shared in networks reaching millions. The site was finally closed in October 2014.

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