Britny Session | Digital Trends and How They Might Disrupt Your Industry



“In the eighties, if you asked someone what they thought the year 2000 would look like, they had a very clear picture of what would happen. We’d all be travelling by flying cars and eating food out of tubes. But now, if I were to ask you all what the year 2035 will be like – would you be able to answer?”
– Mikael Ahlström, CEO of Britny

The topic of the first Britny Session of the season was Digital Trends and the impact they might have on different industries. After covering trends such as AI, AR, robotics and Big Data, we asked our guests to join us for a mini workshop. Together, we stepped into the future and imagined the effects of these trends and phenomenons on different industries such as Health Care, Retail, Education and Manufacturing. Here are some of their predictions:


“There are already 3D printers that are able to print other 3D printers – it’s already begun! When we have robots that both construct and manufacture other robots, humans become obsolete.”


“We discussed the topic of elderly care. With the new innovations in robotics and AI, there are new ways to care for the elderly. Today, many of the elderly care providers have to do heavy lifting. But in a world where robotics is emerging, the need for people to do these kinds of jobs will disappear.”


“AI will play a role in making medical diagnosis and might replace Vårdguiden.”


“AR will make it possible to try on clothes and different hairstyles without even leaving the comfort of your home. Virtual stores will take over and physical stores will disappear. Robots will be the ones taking care of you when you enter a store, they will help you find the items you are looking for, and maybe you won’t even have to enter the store at all – you can just tell your smart digital assistant what you want and it will place an order that a robot then brings to your front door.”


A big thanks to all of our guests for an insightful and exciting evening! No one knows for certain what the future might hold, but we can rest assured that big changes are coming our way.


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