Experience Based Strategy

Experience based strategy is our philosophy, method and offer in one

All strategic work rests on a distinctive objective – to improve, change and create new opportunities. We identify your needs and facilitate the road to your desired goal. We train organizations to adopt new attitudes and behaviors, allowing them to develop tight teamwork and internal innovation culture.

Three types of strategy projects

Position / Position shift

Most companies have experienced the impact of a transitioning world. New consumer behavior, new value propositions and challenges from unfamiliar competitors calls for action and a strategic oversight of your business. But change must be preceded with insights based on a deeper understanding of the new world. Britny has helped major companies and organizations establish new brand positioning statements and strategic action lists.

Service innovation

Your customers will change over time. How do you design and redesign your services to meet their future needs? The answer is innovation. We facilitate your journey towards the close future by evaluating existing services and help establish a purpose-driven environment for future innovation.

Business plan

You probably have made several plans for marketing, communication, digitalization, and innovation. Most of them tend to be desktop products that are pretty similar to last year’s edition. By means of our Experience-based strategy, Britny’s team facilitate a learning experience for the team responsible for the plan. Your plan will be the result of a team effort, with collective ownership and responsibility.

Workshop packages

All strategic challenges above can be addressed using either our tailored strategy programs or with the pre-packaged workshop programs below. All workshops are done with carefully selected and proven methods.


  • 1/2 Day workshop
  • Documentation


  • Individual preparation
  • 1 + 1/2 Day workshop
  • Documentation


  • Individual preparation
  • 1 + 1/2 + 1/2 Day workshop
  • Documentation
  • Report with tailored recommendation

Some of our strategy work